When to Worry About Dry Skin

Sometimes dry skin can be just what it is, or it can be a symptom, a condition that leads to a myriad of uncomfortable and even painful complications.

When to Worry About Dry Skin


The skin, as elementary science has taught us, is the body’s largest organ. It’s most important jobs are to: 1.) regulate and maintain an ideal body temperature, and 2.) keep the body protected from infections and such.

See, skin care goes beyond superficial. It’s not just about looking flawless and good, it’s actually a way of looking after the organ’s health and making sure that it is able to perform the above-mentioned functions.


Dry skin is a skin condition that’s not new or rare. It happens to anyone, of any age. It’s even natural for babies to have dry skin! But the skin condition being common doesn’t mean that it’s something you should ignore. It starts out feeling tight and slightly rough, then progresses with more tightness, roughness and a sensation that’s hard to disregard.

Left untreated, dry skin may worsen with the following:


Dry skin gets tight and itchy to the point of annoying! Scratching will only aggravate the sensation and may also cause the skin to break.


Dryness causes the skin to shrink and become brittle. Even more dryness causes skin to crack, especially on parts that flex during movement. It is in this point that dry skin actually limits you in terms of what activities you can do.


Cracks can leave your skin exposed to all sorts of bacteria and germs. And ‘germs’ can only mean bad news for the body, as they usually cause infections. Make sure that your cracks are covered and clean while it heals.

Scales or Rough Patches

The more complicated dry skin develops into, the harder it is to treat! Rough patches and scales are not only unattractive, but treatment will require a little more effort. If dry skin that’s developed scales or rough patches is still not treated, it can leave scar tissue that alters the skin permanently.

The key to fighting off and healing dry skin is hydration. Among the many actions that you can do to relieve dry skin, make it a top priority to get your hands on a product that you can trust for your skin’s health and nourishment. Moringa-’s skin care line is dermatologically-tested to deliver the safe and naturally nourishing results of moringa (malunggay), olive oil and omega (from sunflower oil).

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