The Powerful Trio You Need for Skin and Hair Care

A look at the personal care section at a supermarket or grocery store shows that the market is filled with all kinds of skin and hair care products. When you have limited time (and sometimes a limited budget), it can be hard to decide which ones to buy. You could end up getting the more popular commercial brand you used previously or pick a relatively unknown brand, feeling excited to try something new.

Each option has its pros but also presents some cons. A commercial product very likely contains chemicals that could do more harm to your skin and hair in the long run. Meanwhile, trying out an unfamiliar brand would be a gamble, unless you are sure it uses natural ingredients and doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other substances you want to avoid.

One thing that you have to remember is this: you always have an opportunity to avoid them and save your hair and skin from troubles. You can say no to these harmful ingredients and say yes to all-natural skin and hair care products, just like the ones from Moringa-O2.

We’ve studied the most potent natural ingredients that promote healthy skin and hair, and we’ve found three that are proven effective: Moringa, olive oil, and sunflower oil. Below is a quick overview of this trio:

Moringa Extract

Moringa Oleifera (other names include malunggay, ben oil tree, and drumstick tree) is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree native to subtropical and tropical regions of South Asia. It is a superfood with several titles, including “The Miracle Plant” and “The World’s Most Useful Tree.” Indeed, people have found plenty of uses for it, ranging from culinary to medical applications.

Moringa is entirely edible, from roots to seeds, and packs a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Its nutritional value is such that the United Nations recommends its consumption. Moreover, in 2012, Penn State University researchers discovered that Moringa seeds contain a positively-charged protein that can kill microbial organisms, making them an excellent addition to water purification systems. Of course, numerous studies have also been published about hair and skin benefits of Moringa-based products.

Moringa is anti-bacterial and can be used as an active ingredient for products that treat acne. It can also help keep your skin hydrated and supple. A widely-cited study recently revealed that Moringa extracts revitalize the skin and can help slow down aging. It gives credence to the old practice of adding freshly ground Moringa leaves and oil to your skin and hair care regimen. It can cleanse and soften hair, make it shine, reduce split-ends, prevent dandruff, and reduce hair fall. The extracts from the leaves also detoxify the skin, help minimize pores, and lighten dark spots.

Olive Oil

We frequently hear chefs in popular cooking shows talk about olive oil as a healthy option for frying or making salad dressing. Olive oil is obtained by pressing olives, and the earliest records of humans using it can be traced back to 2000 BCE.

Olive oil is not just making headway in the culinary world but also in the fields of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The oil is hypoallergenic. People who have problems with skin irritation should have no problems using products with olive oil as the main ingredient. It also contains squalene, a natural organic component in sebum (the natural oil produced in the skin). It means people benefit from skin products with olive oil. Squalene, once hydrogenated, can create a healthy barrier that locks in moisture, making the skin feel soft and smooth.

Olive oil is also a source of vitamins essential for the skin and hair. It has vitamin A, which reduces the size and secretion of the sebaceous glands. It contains vitamin D, which has an anti-inflammatory property and is excellent for treating acne. It is also a natural source of vitamin E, which is well-known in the skincare industry as an oxidative agent that protects lipids and strengthens the scalp. Lastly, vitamin K is essential in helping the skin heal and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and dark spots.

When mixed with gentle abrasives like jojoba seeds and oats, olive oil can soothe the skin and help the outer layer produce young healthy cells. 

Sunflower Oil

Sunflowers were was a common crop among Native Americans in about 3000 BC. Even back then, sunflower seed extract was used for the skin and hair, and for good reasons. Sunflower oil helps to retain moisture and is a great source of vitamin E, A, C, and D, as well as omega fatty acids. Plus, it is rich in beta-carotene, which has antioxidant properties. It can make your skin less sensitive to the sun.

Sunflower oil has been found effective against skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, inflammation, general redness, and skin irritation. Since it is a natural moisturizer, it can treat dry skin and work as an anti-aging mask. As a hair treatment, it can make frizzy hair more manageable and prevent hair thinning.

Given the benefits that Moringa, olive oil, and sunflower oil offer to the hair and skin, these natural substances can make skin and hair care products that are vastly superior to the varieties that use potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Get the Best of Moringa, Olive Oil, and Sunflower Oil with Moringa-O2

moringa o2 shampoo line

Give your skin and hair the best care possible by using organic products infused with natural, nourishing ingredients. Moringa-O2 harnesses the power of all three nutrient powerhouses in our soaps, moisturizers, therapy oils, shampoos, and conditioners. We offer some of the best solutions to common hair and skin problems people experience today.

For more products and tips on how you can improve your hair and skin regimen using Moringa-O2, browse our products and read how the active ingredients can give you healthier, smoother, and better-looking hair and skin.

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