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Beauty Tips for the Oily Skin

Beauty habits, and certain practices are not for all. If you want your regimen to be effective, it might help to consider your skin type.

One of the most problematic, the oily type of skin usually enlarges pores, and produces a greasy or shiny complexion. Let’s not forget about the common blemishes, pimples and blackheads that come with it. If you do have oily skin, you might want to give these beauty tips a try.

Beauty Tips for the Oily Skin

Level Up Your Lifestyle

The level of oiliness in your oily skin can be triggered by some of the process inside the body. Included are hormonal changes that are caused by your actions in the nutrition and lifestyle departments.

Make healthier choices with what you eat and how you go about things. Fresh fruits are always better than sugary snacks! Strive to find balance in your lifestyle, as well. Visit the gym, go out with friends, sleep better and avoid stressful situations.

Wash Your Face Less

This may be contradictory to what our good grooming class has taught us back in elementary school, but washing your face often cannot be good if you have oily skin.

First off, oil is not your enemy. It’s one of your body’s natural fluid. The body can be expected to regularly produce an amount of it to keep your skin lubricated and protected. It’s when there’s too much of it that’s bad. And frequent visits to the rest room to wash it off won’t help!

See, when you constantly wash your face and strip off oil, your body adjusts and produces more oil. Take control! Try to resist that random urge to wash your face, and stick with a day and night schedule.

Wash with Gentle-on-Skin Products

You may be doing the day-and-night face wash regimen already. Good for you! You might want to check your skin care products though. If you’re using one with too much unfamiliar ingredients and chemicals, do your oily skin a favor and switch to simpler formulations such as that of Moringa-O2.

Too much chemicals on your product can be harsh on your skin, leaving it dull, dry and often sensitive.

Wash Your Face with Warm Water

After a day of hard work, a nice and relaxing hot bath or shower can be very tempting. But turn the heat down a little—at least, when it comes to your face!

Hot water will dry your skin; and as with the previous tips, dry skin encourages your oily skin by prompting an overproduction of oil. More tips to relieve dry skin? We got you covered!

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