Which Ingredients Make Your Hydrating Skincare Regimen Effective?

Life in the tropics isn’t as picture-perfect as it sounds. There’s a generally laidback vibe and the beaches are often just a few hours drive away from the metro. But unlike tourists, you know that the tropics aren’t all about soaking up the sunlight and sipping on coconut water and piña coladas.

Because along with the good of summer comes the bad: dry and irritated skin. This is just one of the everyday realities of living in a tropical country. The effects of the hot weather aren’t only skin deep, though.

The tropical heat may lead to the following skin concerns:

  • Heat Rashes
    Where there’s heat, there’s sweat. It’s become normal to whip out a fan to keep cool and facial tissue to wipe away sweat. Sometimes, however, dirt and dust clog up our sweat ducts and result in blisters or rashes. Reduce the risk of heat rashes by keeping your skin squeaky clean.
  • Skin Dehydration
    Your skin suffers from dehydration as much as your body does. The hot weather may result in dry patches and skin irritation. Hydration starts from inside, so always carry a water bottle with you. Also, modify your skincare routine to include products that have hydrating ingredients.
  • Acne
    When you’re sweaty, your skin becomes a magnet for dust and pollution. Dust clogs up your pores and the hot weather makes way for bacteria to thrive. This, then, results in an acne breakout. Avoid this by using a gentle facial cleanser that washes dirt away and moisturizes your skin. 
  • Bacterial Infection
    As if it’s not enough that the heat increases your risk of rashes and acne, it also sets up an ideal environment for bacterial growth. Minimize your risk by washing your hands when necessary and face at the end of each day. Use a cleanser that effectively kills germs and keeps your skin hydrated.

How do you keep your skin healthy and hydrated?

Pay Attention to Your Skin Care Regimen

Nothing beats drinking at least two liters of water every day to keep the skin hydrated from the inside — your parents probably constantly reminded you to drink water when you were younger and, hopefully, all that nagging rubbed off on you. Complement this with a skincare regimen that uses effective ingredients.

Build a powerful regimen that combats tropical heat. Pay attention to the ingredients used in them.

  • Use Soap that Cleanses and Moisturizes at the Same Time
    It doesn’t matter how much time you spend under the sun. Whether you walk outside for a few minutes or are outside all day, you’re still exposed to sunlight. You still sweat. The sun still takes a toll on your skin’s natural moisture level. Use a hydrating soap that washes away sweat, dust particles, and pollution without stripping your skin of its natural protective oils.
  • Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Gentle Toner
    Thorough cleansing is only the first step toward hydrated skin. Use a gentle toner to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. It combats acne breakouts caused by sweat, dirt, makeup, and oil that clog up the pores. The regular use of a good toner can reduce pimples, minimize the appearance of pores, improve skin elasticity, and stimulate skin cell regeneration.
  • Treat Your Skin with Moisturizing Body Lotion
    Skincare is just as much for the body as it is for the face. The harsh sunlight also affects the body, so seal in your skin’s natural moisture by using body lotion. This prevents drying and scaling on particularly hot days. The body lotion also softens rough elbows, knees, heels, and other dry areas. With regular use, your skin will look healthy for longer.

Ingredients That Make These Skin Care Products More Effective

With so many types of skin care products on the market, especially Western and Korean products, choosing the right ones may feel overwhelming. Narrow down your options by using cleansing soap, facial toner, and body lotion that feature a rare blend of moringa (malunggay), olive, and omega (from sunflower) oils.

Here’s an overview of the benefits of these natural oils:

  • Moringa
    Moringa is a potent skin care product ingredient because it’s high in vitamins A and C. It keeps the skin supple and improves its elasticity. It can also aid in skin lightening.
  • Olive Oil
    Moisturizing benefits aside, olive oil features antioxidant properties. It has mild astringent properties that relieve the skin after sun exposure and fight premature aging.
  • Omega from Sunflower Oil
    Omega oil completes the trifecta of effective ingredients for a hydrating skinc care regimen. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the skin and boost cell regeneration.

Keep it simple. Keep it local. Skin care products using these ingredients provide the results you want.

What’s in Every Moringa-O2 Skin Care Product?

The Moringa-O2 skin care line combines moringa, olive oil, and omega oil to combat the effects of the sweltering tropical heat.

Consider using our products to ensure your regimen is effective:

  • Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Face & Body Soap
    This herbal moisturizing soap cleanses your face and body without stripping away the skin’s protective oils. It also features antibacterial, anti-acne, and deodorizing properties.
  • Moringa-O2 Herbal Toner
    This facial toner is alcohol-free and dermatologist-tested, making it suitable for sensitive skin. It offers deep cleansing while still protecting the skin in a gentle way.
  • Moringa-O2 Herbal Moisturizing Lotion
    This moisturizing lotion moisturizes the skin and keeps the signs of premature skin aging at bay. It also boosts skin cell renewal for a brighter complexion.

Our skin care products are dermatologist and clinically tested. They’re safe for everyday use. The combined rejuvenating benefits of moringa, olive oil, and omega from sunflower oil will no doubt keep your skin hydrated no matter how hot the weather gets.

Explore our products today.

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