5 Ways To Naturally Improve Hair

Naturally Improve Your Hair

The feeling you get when you start noticing that you are beginning to lose hair is quite horrific. Just the thought of it is enough to get you stressed out.
One thing’s for sure, our lovely looks are a good indication of the state of our bodies on the inside. Here are a couple of ways on how you can naturally improve hair growth.


Protein is the body’s building blocks and is essential for growth – especially hair growth since our hair is composed of keratin, a type of protein. The consequence of being protein deficient is a stunt in hair growth. You can avoid this by making sure that you consume enough protein is necessary so that the body has enough building blocks to facilitate the growth of your hair.
Opt for lean meat whenever possible. Lean meat like chicken, fish, and turkey are loaded with high quality protein as well as iron, another essential element for hair growth. When you start eating healthy meals, soon enough your hair will reflect this change of state.


Aside from the important role of protein on hair growth, another factor that comes into play are your hormones. Knowing more about balance hormones is quite difficult considering the complexity of the different ways these hormones interact with each other.
Just so you can get to the core of hormone balance, here is a simplified explanation of two important hormones that have an active role in hair growth:
CORTISOL – Our body has its own defensive measures when dealing with stress — cortisol. Also known as the ‘stress hormone’, it’s our body’s response to acute stress. There is nothing wrong with having cortisol since it regulates daily physiological functions. The problem comes in when you are consistently stressed out. Chronic stress means the body keeps releasing cortisol. The consequence of this consistent release of cortisol is a slower hair growth.
ESTROGEN – A common hormone imbalance for women is estrogen dominance. Estrogen slows down the hair growth process. Normally, your body is able to break down estrogen and is able to use it. On instances where your body produces too much estrogen, this estrogen dominance results to fatigue, depression, or loss of hair.


Vitamin C and Biotin are two vitamins that promote hair growth. Vitamin C is not only an immune booster, it also helps the body produce collagen — a necessary component for your body to have healthier hair and skin. Iron, which we already discussed as an important element in healthy hair, is absorbed more effectively with the help of Vitamin C.
Our body is not capable of producing Vitamin C on its own, so you are going to need to take it from food or supplements. Having a couple of oranges or guava regularly can also do your hair goodBiotin, on the other hand, promotes hair growth and healthier skin since it helps in the digestion of fats and sugars.
So the next time you visit the drugstore, find supplements that contain both vitamin C and biotin.


It is amazing to know about the impact that a simple scalp massage, that is performed regularly , can make in terms of hair growth. Applying pressure to the skin of your scalp through the act of rubbing with the use of your fingers can facilitate in hair growth since its increases blood flow to the surface of your skin. As a result, hair follicles are strengthened which helps grow healthier hair.


You may want to avoid staying up too late and waking up too early if you want thick head of hair. When your body is lacking the number of hours of sleep it needs, it could lead to higher levels of cortisol due to increased stress levels. Getting enough sleep is crucial in having healthy hair since getting some shuteye is one of our body’s natural ways to lower stress so go get your full eight hours of sleep.


Our body can only do so much when it comes to naturally taking care of our hair. The damage that comes from excessive hair treatments can further intensify the natural bodily factors that lead to hair loss. Looking your best self may come with the help of going to the parlor and having your hair colored and styled, but it may harm you in the long run. Brushing and styling can damage hair follicles and irritate your scalp.
Choosing herbal products is a great way of repairing the damage caused by the strong chemicals from most products that are made of non natural ingredients. Moringa-O2 Herbal Anti-Hairfall Shampoo with Argan Oil brings together nature’s powerful multivitamins and Argan oil which are very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, C, D, E, B-complex, essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, calcium and other minerals.

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