Moringa Oil for Sensitive Skin: What You Need to Know

Do you have sensitive skin? If so, then you already know that your skin care routine is a little different from the rest. How has it been going for you; still dealing with easily irritated skin?

If you haven’t tried using moringa as part of your skin care regimen, then you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll discuss what is sensitive skin, the benefits of moringa oil for sensitive skin, and how you can make it work for you.

What is sensitive skin?

You have normal skin, oily skin, and dry skin, but then, there’s also sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can get irritated by the smallest things, be it the products you apply or the food you eat. Unlike the other skin types where you can easily do a self-check, people who may have sensitive skin should still have a dermatologist to confirm this, or whether something else may be causing it.

If you’re unsure or uncertain about having sensitive skin, do continue reading. We’ve listed down everything that might concern you regarding the health of your skin.

After all, sensitive skin is more than just having reactions to various skin care products or experiencing a bit of discomfort when the skin touches certain household products or surfaces. Here’s what you have to look out for:

  • The appearance of pustules, bumps, scales, and the erosion of skin are some telltale signs of having sensitive skin.
  • Extremely dry skin that leave the nerve endings exposed are signs of a lingering skin condition.
  • Your skin is easily flushed by the littlest things.

You can tell that you have sensitive skin if these symptoms appear, don’t go away, and when a dermatologist confirms it. The doctor will diagnose the specific skin condition and provide you with options, such as follow up checkups, tests, and a prescription, if needed.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is caused by a number of reasons:

  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and rosacea
  • Injured or extremely dry skin
  • Prolonged exposure to harsh weather environments
  • Genetic factors that can also play a role in having sensitive skin

Should you find it necessary, consult a dermatologist and ask for patch testing, which can help identify any signs of allergic reactions causing your sensitive skin. Whether you are male, female, old, or young, sensitive skin can become an issue. So, it always helps to know how to take good care of it.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you navigate your sensitive skin.

Do’s and don’ts in caring for sensitive skin

Dealing with sensitive skin may sound challenging, but think of it as your skin having different needs, just like other skin types. Take note of these sensitive skin care tips to give your complexion the extra-special attention it deserves:

  • Do drink plenty of water. You can also boost your H2O habit by drinking water with lemon. Lemon water detoxifies the body, aids digestion, and also helps beautify the skin from the inside.
  • Do remember to protect your skin from the sun. No matter what type of skin you have, always apply sunscreen before going out. Look for sunscreen that’s paraben- and fragrance-free that doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • Do choose the right skin care products. Go for products with antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory antioxidants like the Moringa-O² Skin Care Line. Moringa-O²’s Skin Care Line harnesses the power of 3 powerful natural ingredients—malunggay (moringa), olive oil, and sunflower oil—that gently and effectively nourish all skin types.
  • Do conduct a skin test before putting a new product on your skin. To do this, apply a small amount behind your ear and leave it on overnight. Do this for several days. If there is no irritation, the product should be okay to use on any area of the face.


  • Don’t cleanse your skin with hot water. Hot water dries out the skin.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate. For sensitive skin, once every 2 weeks should be enough. Also, avoid scrubs with harsh exfoliants such as shells, nuts, and crystals.
  • Don’t use products with harsh ingredients. Steer clear of products that contain retinoids, alcohol, or antibacterial or deodorant ingredients.
  • Don’t layer too many products. Skin care for sensitive skin should be simple, both in terms of process and ingredients. Take care not to layer more than three products on your skin.

So, now that you know the do’s and don’ts in caring for sensitive skin, we’ll let you in on how moringa can benefit your skin!

Moringa Oil for Sensitive Skin: What Makes it Effective?

Primarily because of its rich omega content and many antioxidants, moringa oil can effectively nourish and moisturize sensitive skin. As a “super plant,” moringa is naturally packed with powerful vitamins and minerals that soften, soothe, and protect the skin by delivering revitalizing nutrients that combat harmful microbes in the environment.

So, for people with sensitive skin, moringa’s extracts—when combined with sunflower oil and olive oil—offer a gentle yet effective solution to keep your skin strong and healthy all day.

The Benefits of Moringa Oil for Sensitive Skin

Here are the key benefits of using moringa oil if you have sensitive skin:

  • Moringa oil moisturizes and prevents dryness in sensitive skin. Through the direct application of moringa oil on the skin, the natural powerful antioxidants head straight to the epidermis, which help keep the skin better retain water. Moringa oil is also rich in vitamin B, allowing sensitive skin to stay moisturized for longer periods of time.
  • Moringa oil combats bacteria and helps improve the complexion of sensitive skin. With antibacterial properties, moringa oil helps keep sensitive skin blemish-free. The powerful antioxidants in moringa oil combat the growth of bacteria in sensitive skin, allowing for clearer and cleaner-looking skin. This allows your skin to better resist acne and breakouts, especially in people with oily skin and excess sebum production.
  • Moringa oil protects sensitive skin from harmful UV rays. Moringa-O2’s range of herbal skincare products effectively keeps sensitive skin protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, allowing for a youthful and healthy glow.

With these benefits, why wouldn’t you consider trying moringa oil in your skincare routine? It’s a gentle formula that offers a wide range of health benefits to your skin, scalp, and hair, but without all the harmful and toxic chemicals found in other skincare solutions.

For people with sensitive skin who have yet to try moringa oil, it might be well worth trying!

How to Use Moringa for Sensitive Skin

Moringa-O2 offers a gentle yet soothing line of herbal skincare products for people with sensitive skin:

The Herbal Moisturizing Soap with Moringa for Sensitive Skin

You can use moringa every day when bathing through the herbal moisturizing soap, which has multiple antioxidants and is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. A dermatologist-tested herbal product, it offers a gentle cleansing action that fights bacteria and acne. You can use it on your face and body for overall skin protection.

The All-Around Moringa Oil for Sensitive Skin

The multi-purpose therapy oil with moringa can be used on the hair, skin, and scalp. But for people with sensitive skin, it also serves as an effective skincare solution to help address irritated, itching, oily, or dry skin. The herbal therapy oil keeps sebum production controlled as it helps sensitive skin with water retention, allowing it to stay moisturized throughout the day.

Excellent for all skin types, the moringa therapy oil is dermatologist-tested as well, paraben-free, quick absorbing, and non-greasy – making it the perfect afterbath companion for people dealing with sensitive skin daily.

Keep Insects Away from Sensitive Skin with a Gentle Herbal Solution

This herbal insect repellent is the gentle skincare solution for people with sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested, DEET-free, chemical-free, and paraben-free – the moringa insect repellent keeps mosquito bites and other pesky insects away from delicate skin with a powerful herbal solution.

With natural oils such as aloe vera, citronella, lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and andiroba seed oil, any type of skin can use the herbal insect repellent.

Adults, children, and babies with sensitive skin will find solace in the protection that they receive from this non-irritating herbal solution. Apply a liberal amount on your skin, arms, and legs whenever you’re going out or even when you’re staying indoors.

Say goodbye to itchiness and irritation from mosquito and insect bites with this soothing herbal lotion today!

The Herbal Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Our herbal moisturizing lotion is rich with herbal actives that is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested, it provides UVA/UVB protection to give people with sensitive skin the youthful radiance to endure a day outdoors.

Best used after taking a bath and before going to bed, massage a liberal amount of the herbal lotion onto your arms, legs, and body. Allow it to sit for couple of minutes, so that the skin fully absorbs all the powerful natural nutrients and minerals.

Effective in helping address skin conditions such as itchiness, dryness, irritation, and symptoms of dermatitis, the herbal moisturizing lotion might be the missing piece to complete your daily skincare routine.

The Herbal Facial Toner with Moringa Oil for Sensitive Skin

Our herbal facial toner, which is enriched with three of nature’s most powerful oils, is a gently cleansing oil-control product that offers antibacterial, anti-acne, and anti-inflammatory properties. Used on the face and neck after bathing, the toner can also be used as a face mist to easier spread the product on the skin. For people with sensitive skin, this herbal toner doesn’t leave a harsh, burning sensation after use, but instead, it leaves delicate skin feeling clean, healthy, and rejuvenated.

Moringa for Sensitive Skin? Yes or No?

With Moringa-O2’s gentle, yet soothingly effective line of skincare products, the choice is ultimately yours. Given the benefits of moringa oil, people with sensitive skin have a powerful herbal solution for a complete daily hair and skincare system. How about trying a bottle of our moringa oil, see where it goes, and let us know if it’s been effective for you?

Feel free to visit out blogs page for more hair and skincare tips! Contact us today for any question or inquiries.

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