Repairing Skin from Sun Damage with Malunggay Lotion

Living in a tropical country with the relentless rays of the sun, your constant companion: dehydration is an ever-present problem that should not be taken lightly. Parents have constantly reminded their children, teachers, and students to never forget to drink a generous amount of water and to moisturize. Common skin problems such as flaking and rough patches are also direct effects of the heat generated by the sun. If left unattended, it can very well lead to more serious health issues.
In addition to hydration, the constant application of sunscreen and lotion is also advised. There is a wide range of skincare products available, all promising the rejuvenation of skin suffering from prolonged exposure to the sun.Lotions have long been used to alleviate skin irritation. Among these is a promising new challenger: the malunggay lotion. With its introduction to your regular skincare routine, malunggay lotion may just be your skin’s new best friend.
How, then, does malunggay lotion differ from all the other lotions?
Malunggay has always been a favorite addition to many nostalgic meals on the dinner table, but the sturdy tree with generous leaves that can be found in almost every backyard vegetable plot has demonstrated how it is meant to be more than just a tasty vegetable.Proven to be very rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamins A to E, and minerals (such as copper, iron, zinc, silica, manganese and magnesium), malunggay was also found to have natural oils that have high moisturizing properties.
In addition, malunggay leaves also help in naturally lightening uneven skin tones and repair damage caused by prolonged sun exposure. Using these leaves for cosmetics is a relatively new concept, but products such as malunggay shampoo, malunggay soap, and malunggay lotion have been getting rave reviews from both manufacturers and consumers.With the added risk of being in a country near the equator, protecting the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun is and should be a top priority. The use of malunggay lotion may seem foreign to many, but your skin would definitely thank you in the future.

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