Moringa-O² Herbal Moisturizing Soap

The natural ingredients found in Moringa-O² Herbal Moisturizing Soap cleanse and nourish skin gently without stripping off its protective oil. This is one of the reasons why our herbal soap in the Philippines is ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, the natural oils, vitamins and minerals can help protect the skin from signs of aging.

Herbal Soap (60 g)
PHP 60.00

SRPs apply in the Philippines only

Herbal Soap (135 g)
PHP 105.00 


  • Anti-aging

    Combination of natural antioxidants combat free radicals for a smoother and more youthful skin.

  • Antibacterial and anti-acne

    Malunggay, olive oil and sunflower oil have antimicrobial properties which effectively prevent the growth of pimple-forming bacteria. These powerful ingredients unclog the pores and prevent oily skin while keeping the skin clean.

  • Moisturizes dry skin

    Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Betaine (from sugar beet extract) lock moisture in the skin and gives it an instant, lasting and excellent protection from environmental stress and dehydration.

  • Brightens skin

    The combination of powerful antioxidants from Malunggay, Olive and Sunflower Oil brightens the skin for a fresher, more radiant look.

  • Can be used on face and body
  • Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal
  • Improves skin elasticity and suppleness
  • May help relieve itch
  • Deodorizing
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Halal certified
  • For all skin-types

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As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness, leaving the skin to appear loose and saggy. Loss of elasticity is also the main culprit behind fine lines and deep wrinkles. The natural ingredients contained in Moringa-O² Herbal Moisturizing Soap restore skin elasticity and stimulate cell regeneration and skin renewal for a youthful glow.

The Combination for Clear, Smooth Skin

Our Moringa-O² Herbal Soap also works to help control acne. It contains Moringa, among other natural ingredients. Moringa is a super ingredient, which has great antiseptic and antibacterial properties to help clear acne and blemishes as well as prevent breakouts. While regular antibacterial soaps can dry out the skin, our herbal bath soap features all-natural ingredients that eliminate harmful, pimple causing bacteria without causing dryness. It can even help lighten the complexion and make it more even.

Our Moringa-O² Herbal Toner, meanwhile, helps smoothen and soften the skin for a younger-looking glow. As it helps with oil control, it also works to minimize the appearance of pores. When used in combination, our products can give you a naturally blemish-free complexion.

Give your skin the kind of care that makes it so healthy, it glows! Get our premium herbal body care products at major drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

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