Herbal Facial Toner

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  • Gentle cleansing
  • Pore minimizing
  • Oil control
  • For use on face and neck
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory
  • Can’t be used as a face mist

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With an herbal facial care solution formulated with natural actives that deliver antibacterial, anti-acne, and anti-inflammatory properties, you get an alcohol-free product that is just perfect for sensitive skin.

For Filipinos experiencing dull, sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin, here’s what Moringa-O2’s Herbal Facial Toner delivers:

  • Rejuvenates, nourishes, and protects your delicate skin with a potent blend of nature’s most powerful oils
  • No harsh burning or drying sensation after every use!
  • Keeps your skin clean, clear, and healthy
  • Effectively removes makeup residue, dust particles, and any dirt or gunk on your skin
  • With antiseptic properties, enjoy a deep cleansing action on your skin without removing the skin’s natural oils

After weeks of regularly using the Herbal Facial Toner, noticeably experience less pimples and enjoy a clearer complexion and a youthful glow on your skin.


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The Herbal Facial Toner for Sensitive Skin

With the wide selection of facial care products in the market, it can be tricky to navigate every brand’s offering to find the best skincare solution for Filipinos with sensitive skin.

Having gone through a range of different facial toners in the past, you’ve surely got an idea of what works and what doesn’t – so, why not give our herbal facial toner a try?

Moringa-O2 delivers powerful natural oils, like moringa, sunflower, and olive oil, into a 100ML bottle. Experience a gently cleansing, pore minimizing, and oil controlling herbal facial toner that gives you exactly what you need.


Why Make the Switch to Moringa-O2’s Herbal Facial Toner?

Depending on your specific needs and how sensitive your skin is to the variety of facial care products out there, Moringa-O2’s Herbal Facial Toner provides you with a viable alternative.

For Filipinos with sensitive skin, finding the right facial care product can be challenging. Apart from the costs to maintain the routine, availability and efficacy must also be considered. Moringa-O2 exists to make your life easier with the Herbal Facial Toner:

  • It’s safe to use and gentle on delicate skin prone to irritation
  • Reduces blemishes, promotes a clearer complexion, and minimizes pores
  • Effectively cleanses, nourishes, and keeps your skin moisturized
  • Available in supermarkets nationwide and readily accessible online at an affordable price point 

When using the toner, dabbing a few drops onto a cotton ball and gently applying it to your face and neck already does the trick. Easy enough, right?

Say Goodbye to Reddish and Irritated Skin with an Herbal Toner

With Moringa-O2’s Herbal Facial Toner, you no longer have to deal with puffy, itchy, dry, or irritated skin. Alcohol-free and made with natural oils and extracts, the Herbal Facial Toner delivers a gently cleansing yet effective formula to keep your skin clear, nourished, and blemish-free.

Buy a 100 ML bottle for 105 PHP – now available online or in your leading supermarkets nationwide.

For any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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