Natural Remedies for Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are not only unsightly, but these bumps or red blisters on the skin can be quite unsettling with sensations of stinging irritation and itchiness! Not to worry though, as there are simple and safe remedies that you can do at home! Check out these suggestions on natural remedies for skin rashes.

Natural Remedies for Skin Rashes

Cold Compress

For skin rashes caused by heat or insect bites, a simple ice pack should work great in soothing the itch, swelling and inflammation.

  • Get an ice pack, a ziplock bag or a thin hand towel, and fill with ice cubes. Remember to not put ice directly on skin. While this may be easier to do, the coldness of the ice cube may cause frostbite.
  • Place your ice pack on the affected area for around 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat a couple of times daily, until skin rash’s bumpy texture lessens.


A staple for healthy breakfasts, and a quick solution for skin rashes and irritations! Oatmeal is best for rashes caused by eczema, sunburn, allergies and chicken pox.

Oatmeal Bath

  • Simply add finely ground oatmeal to warm bath water. Soak in the solution for at least 15 minutes.
  • You can also choose to have fun and create Oatmeal bath bombs for future use!

Oatmeal Paste

  • Create a paste with equal amounts of oatmeal and plain yogurt. Mix with a little honey before applying on the affected areas of the skin.


Olive Oil

One of nature’s best moisturizers, olive oil promotes or hastens the skin renewal process with its abundance in antioxidants and Vitamin E.

  • Get your hands on a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from the kitchen cupboard!
  • Mix with honey and smother on the affected areas a few times every day, until the rashes heal.

Make it even more hassle and mess-free when you choose to use Moringa-O2 Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil which packs a potent combination of natural oils- moringa (malunggay), olive oil, and omega from sunflower oil to deliver TLC that your skin deserves.

Remember that skin rashes may be a symptom or a sign of another—often more serious—skin problem. Eczema can be one. A little derma consultation never did hurt anyone. Besides, as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


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