Moringa Oil and Other Essential Oils for a Glowing Skin

Natural skin care is a train that’s unstoppable and collecting a great number of passengers. Brands and products are picking this up, learning for themselves that what DIY beauty mavens claim about natural skin care is true and can be furthered or developed.

Take the Moringa-O2 hair and skin care system for one. Each product has a powerful blend of Olive Oil, Omega from Sunflower Oil and the very potent ingredient of Moringa Oil.

Moringa Oil and Other Essential Oils for a Glowing Skin


Moringa Oil has excellent cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the abundance of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that it carries. This makes Moringa Oil a great active ingredient for any skin care product as it conditions skin to be clear, soft, supple, young-looking and free from dark spots and blemishes.

Although one of the best for health, hair and skin, Moringa Oil is just one of the many natural and essential oils to get a healthy and glowing skin.


  • Argan – good moisturizer for hair, skin and nails
  • Almond (Sweet Almond) – promotes even skin tone by removing dead skin cells
  • Aloe Vera – remedies dandruff and eczema, and soothes other skin irritations
  • Arnica – relaxes muscles and relieves swelling and bruising
  • Avocado – rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that fight off free radicals
  • Calendula – anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, minimizes swelling and fights free radicals
  • Carrot Seed – detoxifies the skin, protects it from the sun, and stimulates cell growth
  • Castor – seals in moisture for hair and promotes the growth of strong and healthy strands
  • Chamomile – calms and soothes skin irritations thanks to it Azulene content
  • Coconut – has anti-bacterial properties in a consistency that’s ideal for a DIY lotion
  • Eucalyptus – has healing, calming, as well as insect-repelling properties
  • Evening Primrose – best for eczema with its abundance in fatty acids
  • Geranium – anti-ageing as it encourages skin renewal and firms loose skin
  • Grape Seed – has astringent properties and good for acne-prone skin
  • Jasmine – brightens skin and improves its elasticity
  • Jojoba – regulates the skin’s natural process and production of oil
  • Lavender – relieves headaches and minimizes hair loss or hair fall
  • Olive – remedies eczema and promotes a youthful complexion
  • Peppermint – Soothes headaches and alleviates allergic reactions
  • Rose Hip – remedy for stretch marks as it rejuvenates skin and keeps its elasticity
  • Rosemary – stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and eases joint pains
  • Sesame – good for wind and sunburn, and fighting off bacteria
  • Tea Tree – effectively fights infections, and kills bacteria
  • Thyme – a simple, natural solution for acne
  • Ylang-ylang – protects healthy hair growth, as well as against the damaging effects of chlorine in a pool and salt in ocean water

Get the best of what Moringa Oil, Olive Oil and Omega (from Sunflower Oil) can offer with Moringa-O² Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil!


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