Moringa-O² Toner: Malunggay in Your Toner

Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Do you still follow these 3 basic steps in a beauty regimen? More importantly, do you use toners?

Moringa-O2 Toner: Malunggay in Your Toner

The Importance of Toner

More than its clean-up-after-cleanser function, toners condition your skin by replenishing and balancing its oils. Toners have gone a long way from their traditional alcohol- or astringent-based versions to today’s more gentle-on-skin alternatives. What’s more is that most have turned to more natural sources for safer and more effective skin benefits. Moringa-O2 Toner for one uses Olive Oil, Omega from Sunflower Oil, and the very powerful ingredient of Malunggay.

The Benefits of Malunggay

Healthy skin comes from good grooming habits and a supply of nutrients. And Moringa is nothing short of a powerhouse of nutrients, as it has calcium, vitamins A to E and minerals like copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica and manganese.

Apart from its moisturizing and nourishing properties, Moringa performs great as an active ingredient in skin care products given its cleansing powers.

Malunggay in Your Toner

So, what does having Malunggay in your toner mean for your skin? Here’s a list:

  • Anti-aging

As mentioned earlier, Malunggay has exceptional cleansing properties which include clearing free radicals that are responsible for wrinkles and other blemishes.

That means that each swipe of Moringa-O2 Toner actually helps keep your skin’s youth.

  • Sulphur

Moringa also has Sulphur which is a key ingredient in the production of Collagen and Keratin—substances that are known and responsible for keeping skin flexible and elastic.

In connection with the previous item in the list, Moringa-O2 Toner helps maintain your skin soft and supple, preventing lines and other signs of premature skin aging.

  • Rich in antioxidants

There are about 30 antioxidants in one Moringa leaf. Key ingredient in Moringa-O2 Toner and added to other skin care products, Moringa oil delivers its powerful pack of antioxidants straight to your skin cells.

  • Skin-lightening

It may not be common for toners to lighten skin, but it’s different when your toner is powered by Malunggay.

Still part of its cleansing ability, Malunggay extract detoxifies and filters out impurities that are deeply-rooted in skin. So, when you’re using a toner such as that of Moringa-O2 Toner, say goodbye to those dark spots, and say hello to an even skin tone.

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