Moringa as a Beauty Ingredient: The Benefits It Provides Your Skin

It’s no surprise that moringa as an ingredient provides a whole host of benefits when applied topically. The following are some reasons you should consider adding moringa oil to your daily skincare regime.

Youth-Boosting Properties

Applying either moringa oil or leaf powder to your face can slow the development and emergence of wrinkles. The ingredient itself is rich in antioxidants and the vitamins A, B, and C. They can serve as anti-pollutant features able to combat dry and flaky skin, as well as pollution and other environmental aggressors.

Moringa has firming properties that can reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and blemishes. In addition, it is full of fatty acids that work to help skin retain its moisture. This is especially important to improve the appearance of those who may be dehydrated.

In addition, moringa is equipped with anti-inflammatory and free radical fighting abilities to prevent related damage to the skin. These are all youth-boosting benefits you could experience with moringa products.

Lip Moisturizing Ability

Moringa oil is commonly used as an ingredient in various lip care products.  These moisturizers allow the sensitive skin on your lips to retain their softness throughout the day.

Improvement to Complexion

Your facial and overall skin complexion can improve significantly with the use of moringa products. The ingredient prevents the growth of blemishes in your face and provides a smoother and even tone for your skin. Moringa is typically applied topically.

Acne breakouts can be prevented when moringa oil is applied to your face. It sounds counter-productive to address acne concerns with oil, but moringa is successful because it contains anti-bacterial properties. A similar effect is found when applying paste from moringa leaves to the affected or at-risk areas of your face.

It’s best you consult a dermatologist before you conduct self-administered skin treatments. There may be risks you’re not aware of and additional concerns if you’re taking moringa with other formulations and medications. Moringa may not be as effective when paired with topical creams it’s not compatible with.

Removal of Toxins

When you’re going through a pimple or an acne breakout, it may be a sign the toxins in your blood are accumulating and not getting flushed out as soon as they should be. Moringa powder or seeds can trigger the release of these toxins, purifying your blood and allowing you to have clearer and healthier skin.

Reduction of Large Pores

Moringa applied directly to your skin also acts on the large and open pores of your skin. Your pores are tightened and made smaller because moringa contains collagen protein and other skin health boosting properties.

Soft and Strong Hair

Moringa oil is finding success as a type of hair oil for fighting frizz, breakage, and parched ends. Moringa has become a powerhouse ingredient able to boost hair’s keratin production and supply rich minerals like zinc. Used right, it can help you restore hair strength, promote hair growth, and repair existing damage.

Moringa-O2 carries moringa oil products for customers in the Philippines. The oil is formulated with a blend of natural oils, olive oil, and omega acids to provide protection, moisture, and nourishment for skin and hair.  Our products serve as a skin therapy formula suitable for babies and adults.

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