Three lucky mommies and their kids recently had an afternoon of bonding and fun with Team Kramer at the Gymboree Play and Music Center, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

Mommy winners Kristine Joy Rufino, Aileen Grace Sia, and Mary Rose Quizon, together with their kids Chloe Venice Rufino, Wileen Alexa Sia, and Kean Joseph Quizon were the lucky mother and child tandems handpicked to spend an afternoon with Team Kramer. All moms are avid fans of Team Kramer and actively follow Team Kramer’s Facebook account. It was through the ads and Team Kramer’s Facebook post about the Moringa-O2 promo that they got to discover the benefits and efficacy of Moringa-O2 products.

“I was really looking for a mild soap for my kids because my son had dry and itchy skin,” says Aileen, a mother of two kids aged six and four. She liked the soap so much and was encouraged to try the lotion and shampoo. When asked what her favorite mommy moment with Moringa-O2 was, Aileen shared a nightly ritual she and her kids enjoy. “Pagkatapos nilang maligo, nagpapahid sila ng lotion. Nilalagay ko lang sa kamay nila yung lotion, tapos sila na mismo nagpapahid sa sarili nila.” She is eager to try the insect repellent next.

Kristine, a mother of kids aged four and two, is an avid user of Moringa-O2’s Insect Repellent because of its Citronella content. She also likes the Moringa-O2 Shampoo and Conditioner because of the scent. “Gusto ko rin yung shampoo and conditioner nila. Kasi kahit napawisan na anak ko, mabango pa rin.” Her favorite mommy moment is bath time, when she gives her two kids a bath at the same time, using Moringa-O2 Shampoo and Conditioner.

Mary Rose likewise swears by the Moringa-O2 Insect Repellent and Shampoo. When asked what her favorite Moringa-O2 mommy moment was, she says, “Tuwing hapon nilalagyan ko na anak ko ng insect repellent.” She likes that Moringa-O2 products can be used by adults too.

The three moms also got a chance to chat with Cheska Kramer about parenting tips, balancing her career and family life, and tips on choosing the right products for children. All mothers, including Cheska, agree that Moringa-O2 products are mild and gentle enough to be used for their kids, while remaining potent to be used by adults too.

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