Malunggay Skin Care Tips for the Cold Season

As we transition from the hot and sticky days of summer to the chilly-weathered ones of the rainy season, there ought to be some changes and improvements in every woman’s beauty arsenal.

At the minimum, moisturizers should be potent enough to protect your skin against the elements, especially the skin-drying cold air.

Not a problem though, if you’re a malunggay or a moringa skin care believer. Check out this simple graphics on how malunggay should keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the cold season.

Malunggay Skin Care Tips for the Cold Season

Enter ‘malunggay for the skin’ and other variations of it on Google, and what you get is an overwhelming list of benefits for the hair, skin and overall health. The miracle plant chooses no weather, no season to be a dependable, dermatologically-tested total skin care solution.

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