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Keep Your Cool: How to Make Your Commute Bearable This Summer

Summer in the Philippines can be brutal, especially for those who take public transportation every day. The Metro Manila heat index reached 40 degrees Celcius recently, according to PAGASA. Though the heat index only represents how hot it feels and not the actual temperature, 40 degrees is in the “extreme caution” level, the state weather bureau says. It can cause heat cramps, exhaustion, or with continued exposure to such temperatures — heat stroke. As such, it’s essential to keep yourself fresh and comfortable when you go outside.

But how do you do this when you’re cramped in a jeep or a shuttle with a busted air conditioner?

Take the Plunge

Taking a bath is a no brainer, especially in the summer. If you’re used to hot water baths, you may want to switch to a colder temperature. Hot water can actually strip your skin of its natural oil and moisture, causing it to become dry. Cold baths will not only make you feel fresher and cooler after, but it may also increase your blood circulation and ease itchy skin. If you want to make the most of your shower, use herbal hair care that has cooling and anti-dandruff properties.  

Come Prepared

Using public transportation in the blazing PH heat can leave you drowning in your own sweat. Bring an extra shirt just in case the one you use for your commute is worse for wear. It’s also annoying when you spend minutes or even hours on your makeup only to have it melt in the heat or get ruined by your perspiration. Bring a minimal version of your kit with you to keep you looking fresh throughout the day. A sweaty commute is much more bearable when you know you have a backup plan.

Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

With all the water leaving your system as you sweat, it’s important to stay hydrated. Prolonged dehydration can leave you feeling exhausted even before you get to your destination. You should always bring a small jug of water with you before you leave the house. Take a few sips on the ride to work. If you like eating snacks on the go, snack on some watermelon or cucumber slices. If you’re more of a sandwich person, adding some lettuce or celery to your snack may give you the hydration boost you need for the day.

Keep it Light

While it’s standard practice just to wear less or have a breathable outfit during summer, the colors of your clothes matter, too. Wear light-colored clothes as much as you can. A white shirt allows light to reflect from it. Darker clothes, on the other hand, tend to absorb light. This causes you to feel warmer.

Apart from clothes, it’s also best to shed the amount of stuff you bring on your commute every day. Strip it down to your bare essentials like your phone, water, keys, and wallet. Keep other stuff like your extra shirt and makeup kit on your office desk or in company lockers.

Backpacks don’t offer much space for air to circulate between your back and the bag itself, causing you to sweat. Replace it with a messenger or pouch bag, which are also perfect if you plan on bringing fewer items when going out.

Commuting in the Philippines may seem unbearable because of the summer heat. Prepare for your bout with public transportation by taking a cold shower, drinking lots of water, and wearing light-colored clothes. You’ll thank yourself when you get to your destination fresh and energized.

Get the Hair Care You Need This Summer

The summer heat can leave your hair dry and itchy. This is why we at Moringa-O2 offer herbal hair care products that keep your strands healthy. Our products include anti-dandruff and cooling shampoo and conditioner, smoothening shampoo and conditioner, anti-hair fall shampoo and conditioner, and even a hair relaxing serum. These products are all infused with Argan oil that keeps hair strong and moisturized.


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