How to Stay Fresh While Traveling During the Summer

Summer in the Philippines can be brutal, especially for those who take public transportation every day. The temperature can sometimes reach “extreme caution” levels, which can cause heat cramps, exhaustion, or with continued exposure to such temperatures — heat stroke.

As such, it’s essential to keep yourself fresh and comfortable when you go outside. But how to stay fresh while traveling when you’re cramped in a jeep or a shuttle with a busted air conditioner?

Take the Plunge

Taking a bath is a no-brainer, especially in the summer. However, contrary to popular belief, warm showers are actually better than cold ones to keep your body cool.

Although cold showers provide you the momentary relief while bathing, you might notice that you start sweating as soon as you get out of the shower. This is because your body tries to compensate for the water’s coldness by raising your body temperature. So, you heat up quickly once you turn off the shower.

If you want to make the most of your shower, opt for warm showers during the summer. You should also use herbal hair care shampoo that has cooling and anti-dandruff properties. Follow it up with an anti-frizz conditioner, and you’re good to go!

Come Prepared

Using public transportation in the blazing PH heat can leave you drowning in your own sweat. Bring an extra shirt just in case the one you wear for your commute is worse for wear.

It’s also annoying when you spend minutes or even hours on your makeup only to have it melt in the heat or get ruined by your perspiration. Bring a minimal version of your kit with you to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

Use a Makeup Primer

Makeup Primer on silk cloth

Priming your face before applying your makeup is the best way to ensure that it stays in place during your commute. Although an extra layer on your face might not seem like a great idea, a primer is an essential factor in your makeup routine if you want to learn how to stay fresh while traveling, especially in the Philippines’ summer heat.

Apply Some Loose Powder

No matter how careful you are during your commute, you will still sweat a little. If you arrive at the office with an unsightly sheen on your face, you don’t have to redo your makeup. All you need is a little bit of loose powder to even out your skin tone and get rid of the sheen.

Invest in Blotting Papers

Another effective way of getting rid of the sheen on your face is blotting paper. This useful addition to your makeup kit can help you remove excess oil from your skin without adding another layer of makeup and leaving you feeling cakey.

Take Your Time

Rushing through your commute is a sure way to keep your body temperature up. If you want to master how to stay cool during the summer, you should learn how to go about your commute at a leisurely pace. So, it’s important to get ready and leave your home early if you don’t want to get exhausted running from place to place just to get to work on time.

Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

Asian woman drinking from bottled water

With all the water leaving your system as you sweat, it’s important to stay hydrated. Prolonged dehydration can leave you feeling exhausted even before you get to your destination. You should always bring a small jug of water with you before you leave the house. Take a few sips on the ride to work.

Keep it Light

While it’s a standard practice just to wear less or have a breathable outfit during summer, the colors of your clothes matter, too. Wear light-colored clothes as much as you can. A white shirt allows light to reflect from it. Darker clothes, on the other hand, tend to absorb light, which causes you to feel warmer.

Apart from clothes, it’s also best to shed the amount of stuff you bring on your commute every day. Strip it down to your bare essentials like your phone, water, keys, and wallet. Keep other stuff like your extra shirt and makeup kit on your office desk or in company lockers.

Tie Your Hair

Keep your hair in a bun or a ponytail during your commute. There’s nothing more annoying than having hair stuck to your sweaty face and neck while pushing your way onto a bus or train.

If you feel like the traditional ponytail or messy bun looks too boring for your style, you can always opt for more stylish hairstyles. Braids and other cute hairstyles might take more time to do, but if they make you feel and look good, what’s an extra 10-15 minutes added to your routine?

Get the Hair Care You Need This Summer

The summer heat can leave your hair dry and itchy. This is why we at Moringa-O2 offer herbal hair care products that keep your strands healthy. Our products include anti-dandruff and cooling shampoo and conditioner, smoothening shampoo and conditioner, anti-hair fall shampoo and conditioner, and even a hair relaxing serum. These products are all infused with Argan oil that keeps hair strong and moisturized. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.

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