[Infographic] How to Treat and Prevent Cracked Heels

Go where your feet take you, they say. But all the walking you do can cause damage to your feet and result in cracked heels.

What causes cracked heels?

If you’re fond of wearing sandals and flip-flops, or walking around barefoot, you could be damaging the skin on your feet. The constant exposure to air dries out the delicate skin, causing calluses to form. Plus, all the pressure from walking or running exacerbates the issue, causing cracks in the skin. Even worse, continued pressure can cause these cracks to split, leading to bleeding and infection. All in all, cracked heels aren’t just a cosmetic issue; they are also uncomfortable and painful.

How to treat and prevent cracked heels

[Infographic] Follow these steps to treat and prevent cracked heels

Fortunately, prevention and treatment at home is an option. Try these simple home remedies to help care for your feet:

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