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How to Protect and Restore Hair Damaged by UV Exposure

Many of us are used to wearing sunscreen on our faces and protecting most of our body against the rays of the sun. The thing is, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can do just as much damage to hair and scalp as they can do to our face and the rest of our body.

Our hair strands, as well as the melanin in our hair, serve as natural protection from the sun, but research shows that they can’t fully protect scalp or hair follicles from damage. This protection decreases as we age. Hair begins to thin or fall out and loses its protective melanin properties when strands begin to turn grey or white.

Hair and scalp need more protection from the sun. Here’s why. 

1. Skin on your scalp suffers the effects of skin aging 

UV radiation in sunlight causes skin aging (photoaging) on skin, including the scalp. When you’re out in the sun, exposed areas of your scalp can become prone to sunburn.

We haven’t even mentioned how overexposure to sun also increases one’s risk of getting skin cancer. UVA and UVB rays can trigger higher production levels of superoxide, which causes cause cellular inflammation and DNA mutations that can disrupt cellular repair. These mutations, unfortunately, are a possible link to skin cancer.

2. Hair can start to fall out faster than usual 

Oxidative stress caused by intense sun exposure can cause hair follicles to move from the anagen (or growing) phase, to the telogen (or resting) phase, which triggers hair fall. This hair fall is temporary but disruptive to hair growth – and can increase the amount of hair fall over a shorter period of time. 

3. Hair loses moisture, becoming more fragile and brittle

The most obvious effect is felt in the health and texture of our hair. Hair that’s constantly exposed to UV rays can begin to discolor, dry out and turn brittle, and become prone to breakage. Hair that’s lost its moisture can develop many split ends along the shaft, feel thinner and more fragile, and snap or break off easily when combing your hair or styling it.

Whenever you know you’ll be in the sun for hours, the best thing to do is to wear a hat or put on some other form protective covering, like a scarf or bandanna. When you’re headed out for your daily workout, or do other outdoor sports, like tennis, and even surfing, wear a cap. The same goes for going out on a hike or lazing by the pool. 

The solution to UV damaged hair

More and more dermatologists now recommend hair and scalp care products that are proactive about scalp health and sunscreen UV protection.

Few shampoo and conditioner products have UV protection that’s both effective, affordable, and not heavy on the hair, all at the same time! Moringa O2’s Herbal Smoothening Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan Oil offers UV protection and a protective film coating that seals the hair shaft, preventing against lipid and protein loss in hair. Hair will become smoother, more nourished, and stop feeling frizzy and dry.

You can also increase hair and scalp health with Moringa O2 herbal therapy oil, which serves as a scalp moisturizer and effective hair grower. Just massage a few drops into your hair about 30 minutes before your bath, for about five minutes, three times a week. The massage action on your scalp will stimulate hair follicle growth, strengthening hair at the roots and helping hair become thicker, glossier, and healthier.

Shop online for your favorite Moringa-O2 products, now available online on Shopee and Lazada!   

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