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Homemade Hot Oil Treatment with Moringa-O²

If you have dry hair, or you simply want to give your hair an extra healthy glow, treat yourself to a homemade hot oil treatment with moringa oil.

What does a hot oil treatment do?

You may be familiar with hot oil treatments, or even get them occasionally at your favorite salon, but what do hot oil treatments do for your hair?
Hot oil treatments are used to deeply condition your hair to prevent damage or repair existing damage. It’s recommended for dry or damaged hair, though treatments also work for all types of hair. The oil you choose infuses with the hair, giving it the moisturizing and strengthening compounds it needs to be healthy and shiny.

How to do a hot oil treatment with moringa oil

Pre-packaged hot oil treatments are available in your favorite beauty stores, but you can use any nourishing oil like Moringa-O² Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil to treat yourself to a hot oil treatment at home.
Moringa-O² Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil is made from a blend of oils from moringa (malunggay), olive oil, and omega from sunflower oils, making it rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This herbal oil provides nourishment to the scalp, keeping it moisturized. It also helps minimize dandruff, itch, and even hair loss.

To use Moringa-O² Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil for a homemade hot oil treatment, follow the steps below:

Treat yourself to a hair spa treatment at home with Moringa-O² Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil!

Preparing the oil

  1. Bring a cup of water to a boil in a saucepan.
  2. Take 1-2 tbsp of Moringa-O² Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil and place it in a small bowl or mug.
  3. Place the bowl or mug in the boiling water to heat the oil.
  4. Let the moringa oil sit until it is warm, but not too hot.
  5. Remove the cup carefully with an oven mitt.

How to apply

  1. Wet your hair. Hair should be damp, but not soaking.
  2. Massage the warm oil into your scalp. Work your way from the roots to the ends.
  3. Heat a clean towel with a hair dryer, then wrap your hair with the warm towel for 20 minutes.
  4. Wash your hair with Moringa-O² shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Do this once a month to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

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