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Quick Treatments for Damaged Hair That You Can Do At Home

Hair is exposed to many kinds of stresses from the way we treat it – from vigorous brushing to heavy use of hairdryers and hairstyling tools, to frequent bleaching and coloring.

Many of us just love treating ourselves to great hair color and trips to the salon for a wash and blow-dry. We get attached to all of our hairstyling tools and products.

We’re all a little guilty of expecting our hair to cope with everything we do to it. And then you-know-what happens. Raise your hand if you’ve got any of these issues:

  • Dry, split ends
  • Lifeless, brittle hair
  • Hair shafts that break easily
  • Hair that takes much longer to grow than usual
  • Hair that feels thin and weak and prone to falling out

Well, first of all: you’re not alone!  

Second: not all hope is not lost. You can ease the look and feel of damaged hair. Trim damaged ends that you can let go of, then give your hair some treatments to restore moisture and smoothness.

Here are some quick and easy treatments that will also help with hair damage caused from styling, coloring, and UV exposure from standing in the sun.

Sliced Avocado for Hair Mask
Courtesy of Pixabay

Avocado and egg protein mask

Take advantage of avocados when they’re in season and apply this luxurious treat to your hair. The protein in an egg contains Vitamin B, while avocados contain vitamins B (including pantothenic acid), C, E, and K.

  • Peel and remove the pit from a ripe avocado.
  • Mash and combine with a raw, lightly beaten egg.
  • Apply on wet hair after shampooing and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with shampoo, then condition hair. 
Jar of Honey
Courtesy of Pixabay

Honey, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar pack

Honey will both smooth and restore moisture to hair, while olive oil is high in antioxidants that restore moisture, calm an irritated scalp, and strengthen hair follicles. Apple cider vinegar, a miracle ingredient for hair, restores shine to dull hair and stimulates hair growth.

  • Combine 2 tbsp honey with 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Apply on clean, dry hair, starting at the roots, then spread evenly through hair using a wide-toothed comb.
  • Put hair under a cap for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Rinse out with shampoo and hair conditioner.
Coconut Oil
Courtesy of Pixabay

Coconut oil mask

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, whose long chain of fatty acids is easily absorbed into the hair shaft. If you’re looking for a one-and-done easy oil treatment, this is for you.

  • In a pot, bring some water to lukewarm temperature.
  • Pour about 2-3 tbsp of room temperature olive oil into a small bowl. Lower this bowl into the pot to warm the coconut oil.
  • Massage warmed coconut oil onto dry or newly washed hair and cap for at least an hour – or overnight.
  • Rinse off with shampoo and conditioner.   

Just like with hair fall, there are just a few home remedies you can try to rehydrate hair and strengthen the hair shaft, restoring some of the hair’s more beautiful appearance.

Always remember to give your hair the pampering it deserves! We recommend you try Moringa-O2’s Hair Relaxing Serum with Argan Oil, a successfully tried and tested product for hair repair.  

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