Malunggay as a Superfood

What’s a better weapon to combat malnutrition than a plant that carries many nutrients and benefits? Moringa, or what we are more familiar with as Malunggay, is making a name around the world on how useful and effective it is in providing for poorly nourished communities and populations. For you and for every mom’s appreciation, …

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4 Malunggay Recipes You Should Try

We understand that Malunggay—its taste and texture—may not be for everyone. But its nutrition and many health benefits are just too much to let pass! Give your Tinola and Munggo recipes a rest, because we’re serving you with other tasty ideas you can enjoy your Malunggay. 1. Malunggay Omelet Mornings are much healthier with a …

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The Argan Oil Hair and Skin Care Trend

Opting for a chemical-free beauty routine does have benefits. It’s safe, effective and cheaper versus those that have been processed too much. Meet one of the most recent beauty discoveries: Argan Oil. Argan oil is a special ingredient in shampoos, body creams, facial masks and most of today’s products, which you may have heard mentioned …

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[Infographic] Easy Malunggay Recipes: Snacks You Can Make For Your Kids

Looking for easy to prepare malunggay recipes? Here are a few your kids will surely enjoy!

Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the latest wonder ingredients of the beauty world. Here are just some of the ways argan oil can boost your skin and hair:

3 Refreshing Malunggay Smoothie Recipes

Get creative and try these super tasty malunggay smoothie recipes!

How Sunflower Oil Benefits Your Skin and Hair

Learn about this essential oil that you need to add to your beauty regime.

5 Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

Find out why olive oil is a great addition to your beauty arsenal.

Benefits of Malunggay for Breastfeeding Moms

If you’re a breastfeeding mom looking for a way to naturally increase your breast milk production, try eating malunggay.

The Many Benefits of Malunggay

Malunggay, a superfood, contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants. It can be consumed by everyone, so small children and adults alike can enjoy the many benefits of malunggay.

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