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Bungang Araw: Prevention and Treatment

Inflammation and swelling, coupled with uncomfortable prickly or itchy sensation—we wouldn’t want or wish the discomfort of Bungang Araw on anybody, most especially on kids and infants.

Bungang Araw: Prevention and Treatment

Bungang araw happens when sweat ducts are blocked and sweat is left trapped in the deep layers of skin. What are the ways to protect your baby and kids from bungang araw? Here are some Moringa-O2 suggestions.


The body’s sweat production, once triggered, cannot be stopped. So, look to your environment—the places that you go to or stay in—and other things that you can control to prevent bungang araw. What’s key in preventing this skin condition is avoiding hot and humid conditions, and also making sure that air is allowed to properly circulate. Here are more specific suggestions for you to try on your baby and yourself:

  • Bathe every day

Help your baby’s body get rid of too much heat by regularly washing and bathing.

  • Wear light and breathable clothing

Synthetic fibers, such as polyester and nylon, easily trap heat. Try cotton instead.

  • Limit exposure to the sun

Again, too much heat is not good for the body. It may be a good idea to limit your baby’s outdoor activities in the morning up to 10am. You can always go out in the afternoon when the sun and the heat are more tolerable.


Understand that the skin helps regulate the body’s temperature. If it becomes too hot, the skin allows cooling by producing and releasing sweat. As mentioned earlier, bungang araw is caused by this particular body fluid being caught within the skin. It naturally follows then, that to alleviate the effects of bungang araw, you should resort to ways that will release the trapped sweat or will cool the affected area of the skin. These agents and essentials should help:

Bungang araw can be treated at home, but note that medical treatment becomes necessary if the condition persists, progresses, worsens or contracts an infection.

Learn more about bungang araw, its causes, symptoms, plus more ways on how to treat it.

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