baby skincare tips from Moringa O2

Tips to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

In the Philippines, it’s no secret that the weather can get really, really hot, and this can be tough on your baby’s skin, making way for irritation, redness, or other health concerns. Prickly heat rashes, for instance, are a common occurrence during the summer. Likewise, mosquito bites are also a problem, as these can lead…

Putting Lotion on Newborn

When to Use Baby Lotion?

As any parent knows, keeping a newborn baby happy and healthy is a top priority, but can you confidently say that you know when to use baby lotion? While there are many different products on the market that claim to be essential for new parents, one product that is often overlooked is lotion. In reality,…

Home Remedies for Bungang Araw

If you’re suffering from bungang araw or prickly heat rashes, don’t worry — we’ll help you find out how to get rid of bungang araw, because there are plenty of effective home remedies that can help! Bungang araw is caused by sweat glands becoming blocked and infected, resulting in an itchy, red rash. It’s common…