Opalyn Tagle

Witness how the Moringa-O2 Therapy Oil helped in treating the blank spot of Kaith, a 7-year old girl from Caloocan.

Mona Verdida

See how the nourishing powers of Moringa-O2 Therapy Oil helped treat Mona’s fungi infected toenails!

5 Ways To Naturally Improve Hair

Naturally Improve Your Hair The feeling you get when you start noticing that you are beginning to lose hair is quite horrific. Just the thought of it is enough to get you stressed out. One thing’s for sure, our lovely looks are a good indication of the state of our bodies on the inside. Here…

Best Tips For Protecting Your Kid's Skin This Summer

Protect Your Kid’s Skin This Summer It’s summer time once again and it’s time to head out to the beach with the family. It’s not difficult to equate summer as a season of vacations and outdoor activities under the sun.As a parent, being prepared in protecting your family’s skin from the summer heat can save…

Signs of Skin Aging: Check Your Skin

Telltale Signs of Skin Aging Supple skin will eventually lose its youthful prowess – it is something women, and men, will eventually have to face in their lives. Aging is inevitable, but it can always be deferred. Read on to know more about the physiology of skin aging, and how to combat it like a…

Taking Care Of Your Skin: A 24 Hour Schedule

Taking Care Of Your Skin Schedule Often enough, people would recommend skin care regimens such as washing your face twice a day, a facial once a month, and exfoliation on a weekly basis. On the other hand, how do you really take care of your skin? Read on to know more about taking care of…