Women's hair being washed

The Easy Hair Care Routine for Dry Hair

Why is a daily hair care routine for dry, frizzy hair is necessary? Apart from the need to address the immediate issue that is dry hair, you’ll also need to discover what is causing it. Our hair is exposed to many kinds of stresses, from vigorous brushing to heavy use of hairdryers and hairstyling tools,…

Man posing while touching hair

Hair Care for Men: The Essentials

Let’s face it: a good mane of hair is an asset to men’s looks. You don’t have to put in the same amount of time women put into their hair care, but your hair does deserve more of the attention you’re currently devoting to your face and body. Taking care of your hair now will…

woman with long hair

Making the Switch: From Synthetic to Natural Beauty Products

It’s safe to say that the green lifestyle is a beauty trend that won’t be going away soon. More customers are demanding natural, organic, and cruelty-free products. Beauty brands are releasing a wide variety of products with natural and organic ingredients—from herbal moisturizing lotion made of moringa to toners with olive oil. Whether you’re the…