Best Tips For Protecting Your Kid's Skin This Summer

Protect Your Kid’s Skin This Summer

It’s summer time once again and it’s time to head out to the beach with the family. It’s not difficult to equate summer as a season of vacations and outdoor activities under the sun.

As a parent, being prepared in protecting your family’s skin from the summer heat can save you a lot of worries and disasters. Since we care a lot about how to take care of the family’s well-being, we’ve come up with the best tips for parents on how to protect your children’s skin during this season of fun.


It’s a common question when it comes to choosing which sunscreen to buy — which one should you purchase?

The one thing you would normally come across with is the SPF level of the sunscreen. SPF stands for ‘Sun Protection Factor’ which describes how long a sunscreen will be able to protect you from UV rays. It would range from 15 to as high as 75. What it means is that an SPF label of 50 will take 50 times as long to burn from the sun than if you were not using sunscreen.


UV rays are harmful to the skin especially when they are at their strongest. This varies depending on the time of the day. Be sure to avoid having the family out between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m..

As much as possible, limit your exposure to the sun. Long periods of time under direct sunlight are not good for your skin. So whenever possible, wear a hat, use sunscreen, and sit in the shade.


When the family is at the beach, remember to keep everyone hydrated — especially children.

Make sure that the family takes ‘drink breaks’ every 20 minutes. It’s easier not to forget about drinking water when it is accessible. Bring a cooler and fill it with bottles of water to keep everyone refreshed and recharged. Even better, bring something healthy and tasty like freshly squeezed orange juice.

Kids produce more body heat because they tend to sweat less. Being exposed to the summer heat, there is a bigger risk for dehydration if you don’t make sure they drink the fluids they need.


Wearing the right clothes can be the difference between feeling the cool windy breeze or feeling like you’re being roasted by the sun. The right materials do make a big impact when it comes to the clothes you and your family will be wearing when spending time at the beach.

It is recommended that you use clothes made of unbleached cotton, satiny silk, and high-luster polyesters. Their fibers allow air to circulate and can absorb or reflect UV radiation which is good since they prevent your skin from taking the damage.

Keep away from dark colored clothing with thin material since they absorb UV light, making you feel like you’re getting all the heat the sun can give.
Wearing a hat with broad brims also helps since they can cover your face from the sun. Baseball caps are acceptable but don’t really don’t really achieve the goal here of giving your skin some shade.


We often forget about the lips when going for a swim but did you know that the lip is a common site for skin cancer? This is mainly due to the fact that this part of the body is left exposed to the damaging effects of the sun.

Fully protect the lips of your family by giving them lip balm that has SPF 30. You’ll know that it’s time to use this when the lips start to crack and dry up. Do not wait for this to happen. Instead, use this regularly so that your lips are protected all throughout the day.


When family time at the beach is done, grab your favorite moisturizer and apply. Salt from the water and the heat from the sun can dry out your skin so you will need to rehydrate as soon as you can.

Moringa-O2 Herbal Moisturizing Lotion contains natural oil, vitamins and minerals to gently rejuvenate, nourish and protect skin. It is a great herbal alternative which combines properties of all three natural ingredients yield Vitamins A, E and C which aid in keeping skin young, radiant and glowing. More than enough of what your family will need to get their skin healthy and hydrated after a long day under the sun.

Summer season is the time for going out with family, and enjoying moments under the sun together, memories you wouldn’t want to miss out on just because of skin related issues. Take better care of your skin everyday to get the most out of every moment with your family.

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