Baby Hair Problems: Taming Baby Hair

Baby hair can puff out, fall off, have bald spots and even change color! If there’s any real baby hair problem, it’s that baby hair can be unpredictable! How do you tame baby hair?
What You Need to Know About Baby Hair
There’s one thing you can be sure about newborn or baby hair: it’s erratic (In fact, everything in your baby’s first year is). Your baby’s hair, its overall condition, depends on factors such as handling, hormones, mix of genetics and ethnicity.
Can Styling Your Baby’s Hair Result to a Baby Hair Problem?
Baby hair, especially for ones born with a thick head of hair, can be challenging to tame. Keep in mind that hair in babies and young children is finer, more sensitive and fragile. Take these suggestions in providing the right baby hair care and keeping each baby hair problem at bay.

  • Washing Your Baby’s Hair

No need to shampoo your baby’s hair more than 2 times a week, especially if he or she is under 6 months old. Baby hair problems may result from treatment with chemicals, so keep it simple, safe, and natural by using Moringa-O2 Hair Care System.

  • Detangling Curls and Tangles

Detangling knots and even styling with soft-toothed combs and brushes should go smooth with the assistance of a baby-friendly conditioner or a hair oil such as the Moringa-O2 Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil.

  • Haircut

When should your baby have his or her first haircut? Cutting it within the first year does little to nothing about the hair’s health. So, no pressure on this one! But if you’re looking for a sign that your baby needs to already have his or her first haircut, remember that the best sign or clue is when the hair starts to get straggly or too long.

  • Hair tools and Hairstyles

Treat your baby’s scalp and hair with simplicity and pure love. Simple styles without excessive manipulation or treatments should keep your baby’s hair neat, presentable and free of any baby hair problem.

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