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Baby Hair Problems: Infant Hair Loss

Babies do not have one hair pattern. It’s normal for some babies to be bald, and it’s even normal—though some new parents find it hard to believe—for babies to lose hair within weeks after they’re born.

Baby Hair Problems: Infant Hair Loss

Infant hair loss is not one of those baby hair problems to lose your own hair to. It is, in fact, a natural process where baby hair is replaced by permanent hair.  It’s just that in some babies, hair appears to fall out faster than before permanent hair grows out.

A bald baby due to hair loss is another thing to cross out from your list of baby hair problems to worry about. Just like hair patterns, hair growth is different for many babies. Baby hair may fall out fast, and permanent hair may set in slow, with a delay that extends up to the baby’s first birthday.

Some of the Causes


Hormones are the primary suspect for infant hair loss.

While in your belly, your baby was soaked in high levels of hormones. At birth, these levels dropped and the effects include your baby’s hair growth reaching a resting state. Your baby’s hair at resting state is followed by fall out, which is the beginning of a new growth cycle. Baby hair falling out is actually caused by new, permanent hair pushing its way out. This slow development in your baby appears as hair loss with patches and generally a bald look with thin, light-colored hair strands.

Sleeping Position

If not hormones, hair loss or bald spots may be due to your baby’s sleeping position. He may be rubbing a specific portion of his head against his pillow or mattress.

This type of hair loss is not permanent, as well. When he learns to sit up, you’ll see these bald spots slowly being filled in with new and stronger strands.

Inflammation of the scalp

Hair loss can also be triggered by anything that causes the scalp to swell or become irritated. Severe cases of baby hair problems such as cradle cap need to be checked by a pediatrician for proper treatment.

Treatment Options

Unless the case is very severe, there’s nothing you can do about baby hair problems such as hair loss except let time pass until it grows back. While patiently waiting, what you can do is to stimulate healthy hair growth by using naturally nourishing hair and skin care products for baby such as Moringa-O2 Herbal Shampoo with Argan Oil and Moringa-O2 Hair, Scalp and Skin Therapy Oil.

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