Baby Hair Problems: Abnormal Hair Growth

Babies are often thought to be born hairless, but due to genetic differences it can either be true or false. So do not be surprised when babies are shown in TV or movies to have a full head of hair, for some babies really are born this way.
No matter how much hair your baby is born with, there would come to a point where you would notice how their hair would be growing differently. Baby hair problems such as bald spots, scaly patches on your baby’s scalp, or falling hair can cause worry to both new and seasoned parents. It is important to know what can cause and cure these problems, but also understand that some of these are part of the process of the baby’s growth.
But how young is too young to worry about baby hair problems?
If you are worried by the amount of hair your baby is shedding, have no fear. Babies typically shed the hair they are initially born with, so at any point your baby’s head would eventually be as smooth as a bowling ball. This is due to the drop in the baby’s hormones, the same reason why mothers also experience falling hair after they give birth.
Bald patches can be caused if an infant prefers to lie in a certain position when sleeping. The constant friction concentrated at one point of the head can cause the still-developing hair follicles to weaken and break off, thus explaining the occurrence of bald spots. Crusty patches on the scalp, also commonly referred to as cradle cap, is a common baby hair problem. It is a non-contagious rash of unknown causes that  that often appears sometime during the infant’s first three months, and is usually harmless and clears up on its own by the time the baby is a year old.
For the anxious parent, do not fear. Gently massaging the baby’s scalp with organic oil improves blood circulation and provides moisture at the same time. Giving the baby food rich in iron, such as moringa, helps in proper hair growth and prevents hair breakage for strong and healthy hair.

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