Argan Oil Benefits for the Scalp and Hair - Moringa O²

Argan Oil Benefits for the Scalp and Hair

Argan Oil Benefits for the Scalp and Hair

At the core of Moringa-O2’s hair care system is its signature trio of natural oils and one of nature’s best beauty secrets: Argan oil.

Harvested from argan trees in Morocco, argan oil was originally used for cooking healthy meals, and as remedy to a variety of ailments such as joint pain, skin dryness and some of the usual signs of skin ageing.

Argan oil is not only for the skin. Its ensemble of vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients has been found to be beneficial for the hair via delivering nourishment to the scalp. So, if you’re one who puts prime on hair health and beauty, better get your hands on this “liquid gold.”

Argan Oil Benefits for the Scalp and the Hair

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