About Moringa-O²

Who We Are

Ardent World Inc. (AWI) is a fast-rising name in the skincare and beauty industry, where our brands occupy significant niches in their respective categories. AWI was incorporated in 2002 and is part of a group of companies engaged in Personal Care Service and Retail Vanity Products.

Our Philosophy and Commitment

AWI’s philosophy is to develop reasonably priced, premium quality products wherein you can SEE and FEEL the results.

Our Products

Moringa-O2 skincare and hair care products are both infused with a rare blend of Malunggay, Olive Oil, and Omega from Sunflower Oil. These are rich in anti-oxidants, multivitamins and minerals that deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, hair and scalp.

Moringa-O2 hair care line also contains Argan Oil, often called “liquid gold” as it is recognized as one of Hollywood’s best beauty secrets for the hair and scalp.
Proper nutrition means having a balanced diet with enough vitamins and minerals, eating healthy foods and being properly hydrated. Applying products rich in Vitamins like A, E and C help in maintaining its youthful glow and improving skin’s elasticity by encouraging cell regeneration and fighting free radicals. Using natural skin care products rich in vitamins and minerals ensure that your skin is absorbing products rooted in nature which are gentle and with the least chemical process – giving you that healthy, youthful glow naturally.

With this in mind, we would like you to rediscover the secrets of nature with Moringa-O² skin care products. Moringa-O² is formulated from a combination of natural oils, vitamins and minerals which naturally rejuvenate, nourish and protect the skin. The Moringa- O² combines the vitamin powerhouse of moringa or malunggay, olive oil and omega (sunflower) oil. The combined properties of all three natural ingredients yield Vitamins A, E and C which aid in keeping skin young, radiant and glowing.

Moringa helps repair and restore the hair and skin. Because of its very high Vitamins A (4x of carrot) and C (7x or oranges) content, moringa improves skin elasticity, keeping it supple, and also helps lighten skin. Olive Oil is deeply moisturizing and has mild astringent properties, keeping skin healthy. Vitamin E is a well known anti-oxidant strongly present in omega (sunflower) oil which also helps minimize wrinkles and other facial lines. These three natural ingredients, Moringa, Olive Oil and Omega (sunflower) Oil are anti-oxidants working simultaneously to keep skin healthy, deeply nourished while at the same time protecting it with their natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

Moringa-O² is the first and only product line that combines all these secrets into one. Visit our Product Page to learn more.

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